Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is approaching quickly, and here at Pale Raven Jewellery naturally we feel there is nothing better to give than a handmade gift! Here is a handful of specially selected treasures that we think will tick all the boxes this Mother's Day!

1. You Are My North 

The Northstar is a symbol to brightly guide you to your destination, purpose and is a metaphor for love. Is your Mam your North? A meaningful way to show your appreciation! This sterling silver coin pendant is hammered for a relic like feel and comes in a choice of 3 colour sapphire each with their own special properties. A perfect Mother's day treasure.

2. Compass Coin Necklace

Another meaningful choice. It couldn't be said better with a new favourite, the Compass Coin Necklace. This celestial coin pendant necklace is handcrafted for your loved one, so they always find their way home.....Hammered with a worn yet polished finish to catch the eye. Available in sterling silver and gold.

3. You Are My Sun, Moon and Stars 

A simple yet stunning charm necklace, a heartfelt token for your best friend, family member, love or most favourite person in the world.

4. Sulis Goddess Necklace

Goddess Sulis, the Celtic goddess of the sun. The source of life, her divine peaceful face captured and available sterling silver or gold. 

5. Molten Moon Necklace 

Cosmic sterling silver Full Moon pendant. This celestial necklace is divine worn alone and layered with pieces from the Nightsky collection. It comes complete with it's own lunar craters and molten moonscape. A perfect choice for moon lovers! Also available in gold.

6. You are my Sun, Moon and Star ring stack.

You are my Sun, Moon and Stars! Shine wearing a set of three cosmic sterling silver Three Sisters stacking rings. 

And lastly.... the ever reliable gift voucher. Available to post or as a digital card.

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