About Pale Raven Jewellery


Welcome to the home of celestial treasure!

Sarah is the designer and maker at Pale Raven Jewellery. She has a long time obsession for all things old, relic like, inspired by objects she has found around her and that big aul universe! She uses a variety of unconventional and traditional techniques to achieve a molten, rough or hammered 'rough luxe' textures to tune in with an embellished, lived in and handed down feel.

Collections include gold, silver and sapphire pieces inspired by the cosmos and ancients, emphasising a cosmic AND earthy vibe.

Sarah's dream is that the wearers of her pieces can wear them everyday no matter the occasion, and that her creations remind her clients of their own magic and unique vibrations that exists within them! 

Here you will find a selection of jewellery from the tiny to the more dramatic. The perfect place to stack, layer and wear all at once. 

All creations are small batch or one of a kind, handmade in her Dublin based studio.


And one more thing...
Pale Raven is a family run business in Dublin. Ultimately we endeavor to run our small business as ethically and eco friendly as we can, practicing the slow fashion movement ethos. Each piece is made to order using recycled silver and gold wherever possible with the purpose to generate as little waste as possible. Our packaging is reusable and mostly recyclable and we always try to find ways to make improvements on sustainable gift box choices.