About Pale Raven Jewellery

Sarah is the designer and maker at Pale Raven Jewellery. She has a long time adoration for all things ancient and relic like. She is inspired by old objects she has found through the years in the environment from where she lives and works. Admiring Life's theme of hopes, dreams and adventures she loves to make jewellery to mark the milestones of our individual journeys. She uses a variety of unconventional and traditional techniques to achieve a molten, rough or hammered 'rough' textures to achieve an embellished and eye catching treasured piece! Contrast is everything at Pale Raven, it's all in the name.

Collections include gold, silver and sapphire pieces inspired by the cosmos and ancients, celebrating our memories and achievements, losses or gains.

Sarah's dream is that the wearers of her pieces can wear them everyday no matter the occasion, and that her creations remind her clients of their own magic and uniqueness that exists within them! 

Sarah has a background of art and design. She also had a 17 year career working as a makeup artist working mostly with and for women. It is through this experience that she knows and understands what her client wants from her. Creating jewellery that celebrates women and female empowerment is her passion.

Her philosophy is that however busy you are in this somewhat chaotic world, jewellery is the personal touch to help you feel you like you. She makes jewellery for the individual who wants to wear their pieces every day, no matter the occasion. Not just for the 'good times' but all the time. Here you will find a selection of jewellery from the tiny to the more dramatic. Made by a woman for formidable women!

So whether you are investing in that Valkyrie Crown ring or want to celebrate yourself with a Pirate Queen necklace, do not hesitate to hit the contact button, start the conversation today.

Sarah has a strong commitment to creating sustainable and ethical jewellery that has the least impact to the planet as possible. It is her commitment to you that her brand continues to make her creations as kind to the environment at every opportunity. For further reading and information on how her jewellery is made and how her material is sourced please visit the main menu!

All creations are small batch or one of a kind, handmade in her Dublin based studio.


And one more thing...
Pale Raven is a family run business in Dublin. Ultimately we endeavor to run our small business as ethically and eco friendly as we can, practicing the slow fashion movement ethos. Each piece is made to order using recycled silver and gold wherever possible with the purpose to generate as little waste as possible. Our packaging is reusable and mostly recyclable and we always try to find ways to make improvements on sustainable gift box choices.