About Pale Raven Jewellery



I'm Sarah at Pale Raven Jewellery.

I am the creator of the nature and heritage inspired collections you see on our shop pages.

I strive to create sentimental pieces that make folk feel happy, appreciated and indulged, whether its having a bespoke piece made for themselves or a handcrafted piece desired for someone else for that special occasion.

The dream is that our handmade jewellery will be adored, last a lifetime, perhaps even passed on and worn by future generations. 

Pale Raven is a family run business in Dublin. Ultimately we endeavor to run our small business as ethically and eco friendly as we can, practicing the slow fashion movement ethos. Each piece is made to order using recycled silver and gold wherever possible with the purpose to generate as little waste as possible. Our packaging is reusable and mostly recyclable and we always try to find ways to make improvements on sustainable gift box choices.

On that note if there is a piece of jewellery that you see on our website that you are interested in but may like a different stone or metal, get in touch! I would love to make your bespoke piece that is the right fit for you.

Keep an eye out for my blog for insights into my creative mischief!

Sarah X