Caring for your jewellery

How to care for your jewellery

Your Pale Raven piece has been carefully made to withstand reasonable wear and tear and and naturally jewellery should be treated with care. However here are a few things we can do to keep your precious items looking beautiful...

To reduce tarnish

Remove your jewellery before you shower and bathe, especially in the sea or in chlorinated water.

Avoid spraying aerosols such as perfume and deodorants or creams and lotions getting on your jewellery.

Avoid wearing your jewellery when using household cleaners such as bleach and other chemicals.

You can protect your jewellery by storing your pieces in their own boxes you received them in or keeping them in a jewellery box.....

The most effective way to clean your jewellery is to use a soft, lint free cloth to buff your jewellery pieces keeping them bright and shining. When you receive your order from Pale Raven Jewellery there is a little polish cloth in your piece's box which you can use to keep your piece looking good as new. You can use these cloths until they are black. They should not be washed as they are impregnated with silver or gold cleaner to help remove any tarnish and this also helps form a protective barrier.

Follow these tips to keep your pieces looking lustrous as long as you wear them!